Friday, July 18, 2014

10 DAYS Chico, Sept 24~Oct 4, 2014


10 DAYS Chico, Sept 24~Oct 4
4 Noon Hour Prayer, Sept 24~27
7 Evening Worship & Prayer, Sept 28~Oct 4
National Website:
The Purpose of 10 Days of Prayer Movement Across America
Revealing Unity: Revealing and advancing the unity of the Body of Christ
  • 10 Days is intended to bring together Christians from many different traditions, denominations, and ethnicities of a region to seek God together
  • While a larger body of believers can’t meet together as a city or region daily or weekly, an annual season of joining together is attainable.
  • Since the unity of the church is in Christ, the 10 Days is  “uniting the Church with Jesus at the center”
  • Praying for and with one another, leads to loving one another more.  Ultimately, unity is nothing more or less than love for one another!
Seeking Maturity: Awakening, strengthening, and purifying the Body of Christ
  • 10 Days is a time of focusing our attention on God and “unplugging” from the world, even from good things like food, work, or recreation
  • It’s like a spiritual overhaul, an extended time of letting God check “what’s under the hood”.  Often, this can result in  incredible personal transformation
  • God wants the Church to be a “pure and spotless bride!” 10 Days is an opportunity for God to move us into that identity as never before
  • Often, God uses these seasons catalytically to launch us into new acts of service
Desiring Christ’s Return:  “Eagerly waiting” (Rom 8:25) for the return of Christ
  • While longing for Christ’s return is a basic concept in Scripture, it’s something that has not been a focus for many of us
  • Jesus is not coming back to “marry” a Church that’s indifferent to his return.  He’s coming back for a Bride that’s “eagerly waiting” for Him
  • The return of Christ can be controversial and we’re not promoting a specific theological perspective on this issue. The simple fact is this: Christ will come again and his followers are to “long for and hasten” his coming (2 Peter 3:12)

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